Dun He Tan

My designs mainly focus to harmonise into today's interior spaces. I always conceptualise from a different perspective, to achieve my belief in design. To fuel my ideation, I gather new innovations through visiting arbitrary places. I strive to always understand my clients’ needs, create designs that satisfy their every requirement, acknowledge the needs to bring out clients’ identity and finally produce an outcome that is tailored to the client. I always refine my intention towards a design until it reaches my utmost satisfaction. My products are high-quality furniture by selecting the best material possible, ultimately demonstrating the best of the best.


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STELLA is a prominent and sleek coffee table, which features a stainless steel base in a unique design that is a real eye-catcher. The table top is made out of polished toughened glass, on which you can place your drinks, vases, fruit bowls or ornaments. This coffee table can also be used as a side table, a couch table, a living room table, etc. This design was inspired from the noun “connection”, connecting between materials, steel and glass, and connecting between human and design. STELLA is developed from the form of a constellation. The design can be altered based on the constellations chosen. The base of the table is then designed according to the constellation selected by the customer. Through this design method, it allows users to admire their desired coffee table through different angles. With the help of laser cutting technology, the complex designs can be created accurately with a jig which holds the arrangement together before everything is welded together. Its simplistic design allows it to integrate itself into today’s interior spaces.