Edward Owen

Being hands-on and in control of my projects outcomes are important, I thrive in a workshop type environment when testing and building models. 3D modelling, whether on computer software or in the workshop are what I excel at and have a passion for. Having an interest in photography and graphical design increases my outlook on design as a whole, it allows me to improve more aspects of my work as I progress my portfolio. As well as modelling and hands-on design, I very much enjoy sketching and seeing my ideas come to life on paper before they are taken to the next level. Looking forward, I would very much like to continue creating products similar to my Minor project, it’s what drives the majority of my motivation for design when I create something I am proud to put my name on.



Concrete & Cooking


The concrete herb rack combines the raw finish of concrete with a contemporary and simple style. The palm sized pots sit comfortably in anyone’s hand and the smooth concrete enhances the user’s experience through feel and texture. The size of the containers allows for the user to take a pinch of herbs when cooking, removing the need for grinders, spoons or shakers. Sitting in a satin finished piece of oak timber the rack looks at home in most kitchens and contemporary spaces. Using concrete in a kitchen environment is unusual yet satisfying as it is very durable and easy to clean, the aluminium cavity within the pot is easily washed, however the porous attributes of concrete allow for the aroma and flavour of previous spices to persist and entice the user.

Coil Floor Lamp


The coil floor lamp is an all upcycled piece of lighting. Every component and material has been sourced to be re-used. No new material or energy has been consumed to create this product. By sourcing unique objects and materials, this lamp is one of a kind and stands out amongst the rest. With a large bright filament bulb, giving a vintage lighting effect and colour, the Coil Lamp offers great illumination whilst providing a soft and comforting orange hue to any space.

Taking inspiration from Nikola Tesla, a driving force in the advancement of electricity and machinery. The elegant yet industrial design allows for it to be at home in a range of spaces, from a contemporary living area to a more raw and industrial setting.