Ed Wall

I am a practical and conscientious designer with an interest in novel and simple design solutions.
My motivation as a designer lies in identifying overlooked user needs and meeting these through fresh and subtle solutions. I approach projects with a strong focus on idea generation greeting the opportunity to work on a variety of projects.

My strengths are in building prototypes, testing them and using this to progress a project in a medium that is both tangible and useful. I appreciate design that encapsulates a robust and methodical process to achieve a finished product and therefore attempt to emulate this in my work.

I have undertaken a placement year where I gained experience in kitchen design which has furthered my overall design competency. Additionally, I have won design awards during my studies such as the Starpack Silver Award and Best in Show 2015.

I also enjoy running, carpentry and tea.

                         edwalldesigns@gmail.com | LinkedIn

Major Study Project:

POND GUARD - Safety System


Pond Guard is a removable pond cover designed to deter children aged 0-5 years old from engaging with bodies of water when unaccompanied, for example, playing in the garden of a grandparent. The inspiration for this project come from the knowledge that children this age can drown in as little as two inches of water. Four out of five child drownings at a residential location take place not at the child’s home. This presents an unmet user need.
The product functions using a weighted base in the centre of the pond with rods that extend vertically. A net can then be draped over this and staked into the surrounding ground covering the pond and preventing access.

SAPA-HYDRO Aluminium Extrusion Project:

Mitre Clamp

Wall-Edmund_Mitre Clamp1.jpg
Wall-Edmund_Mitre Clamp3.jpg

Mitre Clamp provides a method of clamping long mitre joints together in joinery and cabinet making applications. The right angled aluminium profile enables clamping pressure across the joint whilst a non-marking friction pad is used to keep it in place under the pressure of the clamp. The benefit of this over other methods is in the reduction of post glue-up work and set up time involved. Additionally, other products on the market do not offer clamping pressure across the entire joint, whereas this product comes in a variety of lengths to suit different needs.

The use of aluminium is advantageous because as a material it does not react with wood glue which can cause staining to the work piece should the two come into contact, this is added peace of mind for the user. The non-marking friction pad is fully replaceable, and both the profile and pad are fully recyclable.