Eleanor Gibson-Clarke

Being a designer in the modern age gives the ability to show your creative side with no restrictions, this is what inspires me to push boundaries and not be held back, making the design world an exciting place. I have always had a passion for art and design, the process from start to finish and way in which a product can develop opens up a world that is so appealing and stimulating for me. I have learnt over the past years that design is what you make it, others opinions are just as important as your own in order to grow within the industry. Being able to sit at a computer and edit a design for hours without getting bored, shows the true interest I have within design, if your passion is true work it will never be a chore.


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Courbes – Multifunctional Lighting Solution.


The problems with lighting in smaller locations has always been an issue. This project helps to create two forms of lighting within one product. The Courbes lighting solution works as a desk lamp and a floor lamp, with the simple twist of the head piece it can project light into different directions. If focus is needed then the light can be directed onto one specific area, however if a room needs to be lit up then the option of lighting the room is there. With a sleek mahogany shade and base along with bronze structural piping this gives a high end feel to the design, with a product that will last a lifetime, moving from location to location. The purpose to this project is to show that multipurpose products can still be ascetically pleasing, with no need for extra parts and complex movements, this style of design works for everyone.

Rose App


After struggling to find someway to find the exact lip colour seen in a picture or cosmetics perfect for a specific skin type. This app helps solves problems people find when purchasing or looking for specific cosmetic products along with being a helpful way to discover what is right for them. Elements on this app include a scanner run through the camera to find that perfect lipstick colour or affordable duplicate, along with this the personalisation of an account with an intense questionnaire to find products suited to your exact needs and wants. Links to samples and the ability to test for free in return for reviews. All of these elements plus more solve a variety of problems people face in regards to cosmetic products and with the ease of an app this makes it much more accessible, opening up people to the future of cosmetics.