Eleanor Shapcott

I am really keen on emphasising a materials natural beauty, by finding ways to manipulate and change its appearance, or by enhancing its obvious features. I have been heavily influenced by the post modernism movement, and love to use bright colours and unusual shapes in my designs.


Burl Pendant Light

The Burl Pendant light shade is a new take on traditional light shade fixtures. The shade is made from various timbers, which have been stained and cut separately to show a contrast between the grains. The slit allows the light to flow from the shade, and works well to focus the direction of the light.

The Up and Down desk

The Up and Down desk is a space saving desk designed to provide multiple worktops and practical storage for small crafts and general office use. The desk can be stored in 3 different positions; upright, half folded down and fully folded down. Inside includes storage and a large cork board for notes and photos.