Emily Borton

My approach to design is very much user centred, having a strong understanding for what users need or desire, allows me to produce designs that have purpose and are functional, while balancing my passion for simple, elegant aesthetics. With design being an ever-growing industry and research developing all the time, it drives me to produce designs that move forward with time and trends, enabling me to produce products that are meaningful and practical. 


E: emilyborton@hotmail.co.uk

W: www.emilyborton.com



‘Tog’ is a multipurpose, solid ash kitchen bar stool, with a design that focuses on quality and personalisation. The toggled cord compartment can be threaded in a number of different configurations to suit the storage requirements of each individual user. 

Nimble Accessories

‘Nimble Accessories’ is a purse, and a wallet along with a range of zip attachments that have been designed to ease the stresses of shopping for users suffering with low dexterity, promoting the use of contactless card payments and simplified coin access. Awareness for dexterity sufferers is another section to this project, with a symbol that has been designed so cashiers and the general public can gain a better understanding about the challenges which sufferers may have.