Emily Strutt

I believe in designing with meaning; to tell a story or convey a message. My design process involves taking inspiration from history and developing it into a concept, with new processes and my creative point of view. The idea of being able to produce work that people want to interact with and that promotes conversation, really motivates me. I am inspired by light and colour and how objects and environments can impact people’s thoughts and feelings. My university journey, including my placement year as a design intern in Germany, has shaped me as a designer but also as a person.  |  Instagram  |  LinkedIn  |  Twitter

illume concept lighting


illume is a concept lighting piece inspired by Nottingham lace history. The pattern gives reference to a design by Cluny Lace Company, the last lace makers in Nottingham. It is made of clear acrylic hung from an aluminium rod which houses the LED elements. The acrylic has been manipulated by heat and machined with laser etching to give it its flowing lace material look. A combination of art, lighting and history, illume’s elegant waves and ability to be scaled up or down make it suitable for use in commercial, gallery or private spaces.



Curi: a contemporary cabinet of curiosity. It is inspired by Wunderkammer of mid-sixteenth century Europe, which were collections of unusual and exotic objects. With its folding doors and sliding hinges, Curi allows you to display or hide away your personal belongings and sentimental treasures. A combination of ash, glass and steel, the display cabinet is suitable for any modern home. The colour pop interior can be personalised for the user, to make each cabinet unique and representative of the user’s character. Curi is a form of self-expression through furniture, presenting and concealing possessions when desired, and with ease.