Emma Cuckow

As a designer, I enjoy the combination of traditional and contemporary design styles with a fusion of materials to create a successful product that boasts aesthetical and functional appeal. Design should aim to push the seen boundaries of materials to create new and innovative products that challenge the norm.

cuckowe@gmail.com https://uk.linkedin.com/in/emmacuckow


Bramley Candlestick range

Emma Cuckow 3.jpg

The Bramley candlestick range reworks a traditional and classically designed product to give it increased relevance to modern living. The focus of these handcrafted pieces was to create a product that breaks through the traditional market, using reclaimed wood and 'banksia' nuts so no two pieces are the same.


Ava is a dressing table that brings a classical piece of furniture into the modern age through the aesthetic appeal created by unique forms and the juxtaposition of solid Elm wood and clear Perspex. The ability to see the grain of the wood through the clear Perspex enhances the natural beauty of the material.