Emma Louise Bucknell

With a passion for making products that work, attention to detail and function are very important to me. I pride myself in solving problems and looking for flaws in existing designs to create something that works for everyone. University has helped me to broaden the scope, exploring a variety of different ways to tackle projects and finding the best solution.

During my time on placement, I pursued two roles. One as a designer in 3D printing, and one as a Computer Aided Design (CAD) Technician. I am pursuing a career in CAD due to my passion for manufacture.


Arthritic saucepan


1.3 million people in the UK suffer with arthritis in the hands, fingers and wrists. The arthritic saucepan provides a more comfortable experience in cooking, as it involves less use of the hands and fingers when levitating and pouring. The saucepan is specifically aimed at the over 65s market due to arthritis being most common amongst this age group, but other groups will invest as the saucepan is designed to assist anyone.

Multi Set

Multi Set is six kitchen utensils condensed into two pieces. In a country where property prices are on the increase, smaller ones are more affordable. Space saving is therefore key, and the Multi Set keeps all utensils together and in a small aluminium pot that fits into the corner of the kitchen counter. The pieces themselves are produced from high quality stainless steel to build ones that are long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.