Evie Ratcliffe

Design has always been an area of interest for me, even from a young age I was always keen to know how products worked and how the different components put together made an entirely new and exciting product.

I have always enjoyed tinkering with things and seeing what I could make with scraps from the garage and how different techniques applied during the making process could completely transform the look and purpose of products, from helping my Dad put together war gaming figures to making an outdoor cat shelter from an old wooden box, I have always found working with my hands fascinating. Material Exploration and experimentation is another key area of interesting as I am always looking to expand my knowledge within the area.

Being able to explore this through projects not only allows a deeper knowledge but also how certain materials could be used in unconventional ways.

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Concrete Planter

Ratcliffe Evelyn - Planter 1.jpg
Ratcliffe Evelyn Planter 3.JPG
Ratcliffe Evelyn, Planter 2.JPG

This piece explores the use of a common building material and making it something that would fit into a homeware situation. The use of the white concrete and sand creates a purer base for the embedded material and also the option to add colour to give the product more diversity. With the use of the gun metal grey pieces for the embedding against the pure white of the concrete it creates a stark contrast alongside the geometric shapes used within the design.

The simple design allows the product to be up scaled and downscaled in size with or without the use of pastel shades depending on the consumers needs. Air plants not only create a natural aesthetic for the consumer, but it also does this in a low maintenance way perfect for the those who want nature without the high maintenance factor than some plants require.


Purrfect Freedom

Ratcliffe Evelyn Purrfect Freedom image 1 .jpg

Purrfect Freedom creates a safe environment for cats to explore and enjoy the outside world, not only does it lift a weight from the owner’s mind in regards to road safety and other threats but also allows cats of all abilities to enjoy outside

Made from a strong welded mesh and powder coated to fit in with the aesthetic of any environment. With a variety of additions Purrfect Freedom can be customised to suit the needs of the animal and also help tot diminish boredom and reduce the risk of depression.

The small footprint of each unit allows consumers with small garden to enjoy their space whilst indulging their pets in the joys of outdoors. With the size of the complete unit being able to be changed it means that the product will not conflict the needs of the consumer