Felix Fenn-Evans

As designers we are defined by how we approach a problem or idea and the way we interpret these ideas into a physical form. My approach to a problem involves finding a narrative behind what I want the product to convey to the consumer. I evolve my ability to convey narrative through my interest in art and film with a heavy influence on futurism and new technology. By starting with a bigger picture idea and refining it to a concise product story, I can use detailing to apply a heavy aesthetic direction to convey not just a practical user experience but a deeper connection between the product and its social, historical and environmental networks. This contributes to its marketable validity. Looking toward the future, I wish to design in conjunction with emerging sub-culture trends to push the boundaries of what modern design is, and how it could be perceived differently.


                                              felixtvfe@icloud.com | www.felixfennevans.co.uk

Redsmith Gin - Drinking Set


Redsmith Gin, based in Nottingham is part of a growing trend of craft distillers, who’s passion for the properties of Gin have driven the meteoric rise of the industry. The aim for the drinking set was not to create value through sales, but to develop a passion-brand that rewards its community of enthusiasts and keeps them invested in Redsmith Gin. The drinking set is a totem that takes inspiration from botanical glasshouses, and the Redsmith’s homemade copper still as its main sources of inspiration. This creates a unique personal identity as opposed to rebranding a premade cocktail set. Included in the set is a mixing glass, jigger, stirrer and dried botanicals, all designed to convey the evolution of Gin throughout history as well as its connection to nature. The products aim is to act as a monument to the community’s support in the brands they love and respect.