Frances Williams

I am a final year BA hons Furniture & Product design student. I enjoy design projects that are focused in the areas of sustainability and children’s products/ furniture. Nature and simplicity also influence my design innovations and outcomes. I am motivated most when creating product solutions to design problems and tackling design challenges in a team. I look forward most to producing innovative design ideas when given a brief. I have a creative background, with interests of interior design, fine art, photography and graphic design.



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Candela Light


Candela is a vintage elegant table light, which allows the user to adjust the light’s brightness to their preferred choice. People like to be able to adjust lighting warmth, brightness and the area coverage of a light. This happens depending on the interior setting in which a light is placed, what the user’s current actions are and the emotion that the user is experiencing. Candela is able to manually adjust the brightness of the light emitted by using a moveable shade to reduce the light. The user twists round the walnut structure to move the frosted shade to transform the light into an ambient light.



A passion for sustainability and children’s design can be seen within Hush. The aim of the project was to produce a piece of nursery furniture which can be used further than its current short life-span. A baby crib, no longer life-less after 6 months, can be transformed into a children’s desk to be used in the nursery once again. Hush is also a bedside-crib, with a detachable side panel and bed straps to provide support for c-sections and breastfeeding. A snug wool-felt insert and mesh sides make it easier to observe the baby from bed height, all of which can be detached from the frame to form the desk.