Fraser Smith

I have always been interested in design and creativity and have a passion to aspire to pursue a career in the design industry. I particularly enjoy the process and progression from initial sketches of ideas, to bringing them to life in terms of a final product.  I am motivated to broaden my knowledge in every project, by challenging myself and experiment with a range of materials.

I have developed considerable skills during my course at NTU, consolidated by my year in industry as a design intern with a lifestyle furniture design company. This included experiencing some of my work going from original CAD efforts at industry standard, going into manufacture, and finally into exhibition. This experience has proved a catalyst for me to aspire to even greater achievements, which have been realised in my final year with the development of 2 pieces of furniture, both designed for the modern interior, with strong Welsh heritage influences, identified from my background in North Wales.

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‘Top Meddal’ Coffee Table


The ‘Top Meddal’ (soft top in English) Coffee Table displays a combination of upholstery, storage and manoeuvrable flat surfaces designed to embrace both modern space saving functions and the informality of the modern living room. Comfortable upholstery makes it easy to put your feet up to relax fully, without the need for an extra footstool. The trays can readily be moved from side to side or placed on the user’s lap, again perhaps avoiding the need for a full-sized dining table and provides for that relaxed leisurely eating in front of the television. Storage solutions are needed in the modern home, therefore the extra space saving functionality provides a most welcome feature.

The Caerphilly Chair


Celebrating everything Welsh, ‘The Caerphilly Chair’ is a a contemporary impression of the classic Welsh Stick Chair. Constructed from local timber freshly felled from the Ruperra forest in Caerphilly County, South Wales. It also utilises tapered upholstery using warm, earth toned 100% Welsh wool fabric in the “Spice” design, from Melin Tregwynt, woven using traditional processes and machinery. A back cushion in the same material, offers versatility in terms of presentation and a further comfort option. The chair has many features embracing Welsh tradition, but exhibits a modern design to suit today’s market.