Fraser Wedgwood

I am a creative person who’s very passionate about nature, art, design, music and philosophy, these influences have hugely shaped who I am as a designer today and my outlook on the world. I am very caring and honest which is reflected in my forward thinking approach to good design and UCD (user centred design). I like a challenge, teaching myself how to create professional graphics and logos which has added further to my versatility as a designer. Versatility played an important role during my placement at Riber Products Ltd where I was immersed within the plastics manufacturing industry, where I designed three products myself which have been manufactured and sold. I have always enjoyed using my initiative and my imagination to create things whether it is sketching, prototyping or designing products and graphics. I think it is imperative to look at problems we face today, like sustainability which I feel strongly about.


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Shrumi eco-friendly bluetooth speaker


Shrumi is an eco-friendly portable speaker with a casing that's grown naturally from ‘mushroom material’ (Mycelium) and fitted with recycled material components. The project aimed to reduce waste in the consumer speaker industry through the combination of natural material choices and a simple recycling/repair/replacement scheme. The project addressed the problem of wasteful manufacturing and disposal in the electronic speaker industry while presenting an innovative, natural alternative to toxic material choices and processes.



Myst is an indoor Green Wall panel made for modern city life with those in mind who don’t have easy access to nature. The vertical garden has a modular design which accommodates different user & plant needs. It can be used in an office, kitchen, bathroom or any living space, to improve productivity and air quality whilst transforming a lifeless space into a relaxing one through an infusion of nature. The system autonomously delivers water and nutrients to the plant’s roots in the form of a fine mist. The benefit of using mist means the roots absorb water molecules easier, consuming 80% less water and energy than other hydroponics, while also growing plants quicker.