Fred Hogg

Through my practice, I seek to explore the juxtaposition of materials to design and create furniture suited for interactive commercial settings. I enjoy both the design and making process, where I strive to fully understand the manufacturing techniques and assembly of my products. I don’t like to hide the use of fixtures in my designs, and rather look to build a narrative through the products construction.

By considering how an element of customisation can be implemented into my finished products, be it use of material or finish. I want my designs to stand out, but also be in a position to compliment an interior colour scheme, whilst considering budgetary requirements, accommodating to both my clients wants and needs. | InstagramLinkedIn



Following a set brief to produce a pendant light, from flat sheet material, I focused on how the pendant would be viewed from any possible angle. Ex hosts a visual exploitation of the linear end grain, of its plywood frame, where vertices collide. With a choice of spray finishes and ability to be easily scaled for small and larger interiors, Ex could prove to be a successful contract piece. 

EZ Chair


The EZ Chair provides compact comfort to commercial environments that are space conscious. With an aim to be visually light, the design hints at the illusion of floating. The steel tubular frame provides multiple handles aiding its mobility, be it a small nudge forward in a coffee shop or nesting together for a quick team meeting in an office breakout area. The low back rest enables movement in its user, encouraging a more social setting.