Gabriella Rizzo

‘A product designer with a fun and playful design style.’

I have always considered myself as a creative, tackling the everyday problems from an innovative manner, whilst also striving to weave ‘fun and playful’ qualities into my work. As a student of product design, I have over the last four years learnt and developed invaluable skills that will help equip me in the following phase of my design journey.

During my placement year (which is by far one of my biggest learning experiences to date) I spent 6 months in Barcelona, Spain working with other students from around the world. Our interdisciplinary team taught me how design is relevant in the wider working world and even has the ability to make an impact when not contained in a design environment. Ultimately, this design experience has taught me that there is no end to the opportunities available to me.

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Onespace* is your very own personal environment - defining your work area, creating a sense of privacy and limiting distractions. In recent years the ‘office’ has dramatically changed. We have a seen a shift from classic ergonomics to more active ergonomics. New office design is accommodating mobile employees. Open plan, hot-desking and co-working spaces are more prevalent in today’s society. Onespace* aims to combat modern day ‘work environment’ problems such as increased interruptions in work flow that occur as a result of these new ways of working.

Onespace* encases a retractable roller blind mechanism into the base, allowing the blind to be pulled up when in use and retracted down to be stored away. It is a portable and modular product made up of easy to put together parts, allowing the consumer to both change elements of their Onespace* for customisation purposes and to fix the product if needed.