George Ainsworth 

Originally from Bath, the South West of England where they say is the ‘death of your career’, I am ready to start mine! I’m particularly inspired by the simplistic works of James Dyson, a prominent figure of design and innovation in the South West. I follow a developmental approach to my designing, influenced by my placement year with Roundhouse Design and experience as an injection moulding assistant. I am currently seeking roles in all areas of product design.

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Roundhouse Utensils 


The Roundhouse kitchen utensils are designed as a promotional product for the bespoke kitchen company, Roundhouse Design; particularly after the successful sale of a kitchen. It boasts the use of being able to stand by itself on a worktop with its shaped Corian handles, both acting as a functional and aesthetic product to showcase.



One of the biggest sources of revenue for bands is live performance. However, setting up and collecting cables can be a manic and destructive process. Wired is a clip based system to help performing artists quickly and effectively collect their cables in setting up of their performances. This is done through the use of phosphorescent colour coding and modular slotting in injection moulded clips.