George Furniss

My name is George and I’ve always been imaginative and creative, always thinking up my own games, creating comic books and from a young age I said I wanted to be an inventor. Through education I tried various art, graphics and design classes but only when I started my art and design foundation course did I realise that I wanted to design products and since then I’ve been working to become the best designer I can be. Although I now work with products, I still bring hints of my art and graphics background to the way I work. When I design I like to consider my user or customer and the experience and interactions they are going to have with my product. I’m a believer that products should improve the user’s life somehow and shouldn’t just be an object but have a deeper connection.





Lume is a portable modern-day Lantern focused on making you feel safer and happier around your home and garden. With its cosy and warm glow, Lume will brighten up any occasion, from those dark winter months with a book to those late-night summer BBQs under the stars. The modern materials and style means the Lume lantern will fit seamlessly into any environment. Lume uses wireless charging to remove any clumsy cables. To charge simply place the lamp onto the minimalistic base station, which can be placed anywhere around the home. This makes the Lume lantern the perfect accessory for those midnight adventures to the kitchen for a glass of milk or up into the loft to find those illusive Christmas decorations



Food wastage is becoming an increasing problem in the modern world, with one third of food produced for human consumption (approximately 1.3 billion tonnes) being lost or wasted. Eske is a modern refrigerator designed to help reduce waste in a domestic environment. The design uses a Larder compartment, appropriate for the storage of potatoes and other non-refrigerated items. Eske removes the need for door storage, instead using a refrigerator draw for quick access and allowing the main refrigerator to stay cool and keep perishable items at a constant temperature. The draw is adaptable as it is cooled separately, it can be adjusted to the perfect temperature. Inside the main fridge compartment, the shelves and humidity draws are adaptable to further fit the needs of the home especially with the increasing number of vegan and vegetarian households.