George Land

My name is George Land, I study product design at Nottingham Trent University. As a designer, I am well-driven to produce and create innovative and unique products to aesthetically please consumers, whilst striving for the greatest of attention to details. Designing products to fit comfortably and seamlessly, into people's lives is an important essence of my ethos. A strong passion for minimalism and minimalistic design, keeping things as simple as possible is essential to me, and maximising ease of use and understanding of user's. Other areas that influence my ethos as a designer are typography, clever and unique graphical designs, large movements such as Scandinavian modern and the general love for working with wood. An area I tend to gravitate around is lighting, there is so much creative potential and unique design possibility that I hope to expand upon in my future career as a designer. | Instagram


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MINUS1000 is a statement piece / product that also works as a large area lighting source. Using high-intensity LED's set at 4000K, it works brilliantly when illuminating large open and darker spaces. Ideally, this product would be in-situ in foyers, atriums and or reception environments. The ethos of the product looks to incorporate a clear minimalistic aesthetic, whilst looking at inverse spaces in products or in other words, negative space. The nature of the geometric frame manipulates the light produced by creative external shadows on the positive environments and objects.


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Considering bamboo is widely used in the far east of the world, and famously by the Chinese - It’s used for multiple products and purposes instead of materials we might use in the west. The aim was to design a product out of bamboo, that offers similar strength, lightweight and waterproof materials properties, to opposing and more common materials that we would usually use for furniture utility products. BAMBOTTLE is a product that offers consumers a unique and intriguing alternative to your everyday plastic bottle. In this project I wanted to show how a raw material like bamboo, so very natural, untouched and characteristic could be favourable and chosen to be used for the simplest of products, over something so commonly used like plastic. With the combination of a raw rustic leather strap and a unique silicone bung, this product stands alone.