Gordon Cooper

After 25 years in Licensed Retail, and running my own Pub Business in Hampshire, I found it was time to return to University and complete the course I should have done in the first place.

My design strengths lie in an ability to perceive the ideal fit to a wide range of design requirements. It is the ability to maintain awareness of all the elements of an expansive big picture while focusing on its quintessential aspects. This enables me to find user centred solutions that sit alongside industry, legal, cost and manufacturing constraints.

As a mature student I have a broad range of experience from which to draw my inspirations and am able to compare and combine new technologies with more traditional solutions to problems. My educational background in engineering gives me a more scientific perspective on design.

Though able to apply my talents to all aspects of design, my passions lie in Prestige Design. I want to be designing things of beauty in form that last a lifetime in function – the Classics of the Future. |

SnapMat Extra

Your baby’s needs change drastically from birth to 2 years. Designed to reflect the changing developmental stages of a growing infant, the SnapMat Extra is an adjustable nightlight, an activity playmat and a construction toy in one, giving them a toy they’ll love for years and saving you money. 

Making and Testing the SnapMat

Premium Ski Box

Commonly available ski bags are made of padded canvas. When handing over your expensive and hand prepared skis to airport baggage handlers, they deserve better protection. The extruded aluminium box can be made to any length to fit your skis for a lightweight, strong luggage solution.