Graihagh Watson

Growing up I wanted to try everything. Surrounded by my creative family, art, design and craft in general was a key part of my childhood. My designs always start from a desire to make products that will bring happiness, and my work combines my enthusiasm for crafts with the knowledge I have gained during my degree and in my placement year at a CNC cutting service company. 

Working with a bespoke furniture design studio and workshop during my placement, alongside the CNC cutting service, was a great experience that combined CAD/CAM, client interaction and hands-on making skills. I worked with such a broad range of disciplines from across the design industry, that it reawakened the passion I have for experiencing new things, and finding solutions to new challenges.


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Pluviophile: A window display


Inspired by Anthropologie, a woman’s lifestyle brand with award winning displays, this window display played with the idea of a Pluviophile, a person who loves the rain. Intended for a spring roll-out, the design wanted to capture the beauty and playfulness of rain as the seasons pass from winter to summer. Its purpose is to impart a sense of optimism to the store’s customers, old and new. 

The individual components alone are simple hand crafted work, but as a body they create a fluid movement which directs the eye to the clothing on display, while creating a visual experience that distinguishes the store from the rest of the street.




Norma is a contemporary clothing rail that prides itself on putting clothes on display and creating an open atmosphere not confined to four walls. Inspired by the beauty of curved wood, Norma uses Plywood to make a curved design that is accessible, clean and flat packed. 

Made from 2 sheets of Birch Plywood, the flat pack design needs no fittings, fixtures or tools beyond your own hands. Designed for Generation Rent the clothing rail is easily assembled and disassembled without fear of damaging the parts or requiring a weekend to put together. As an open source document, the design would be available for download globally, allowing it to be made by local makers on demand using CNC cutting, thereby reducing the carbon footprint and excess manufacture.