Grant J. Chrisp

As a designer, I have specifically been drawn to kitchenware and always enjoy exploring new materials and ways in which we interact with products. My main aim is to challenge existing means and always be persistent when solving solutions.

What really intrigues me is the question of how we create products that attract the user and change the world in which we live. Many variables affect the journey of a product when taken through the stages of development, but what’s most important is tackling the fundamental principles, creating a product with simplicity and being able to gauge an instant understanding of how a product functions.

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The Heritage Collection

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The Heritage Collection is a complete set which involves a coffee press, grinder and timer stand. Organic and sustainable materials are used to combat electric coffee makers that end up in landfill and also encourages the younger generation to use traditional coffee making techniques.


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FÖRFINA is a new alternative to combat packaged foods and encourage sauce and condiment making from scratch. FÖRFINA is a multifunctional blender bottle and a sauce dispenser to assist with scratch sauce making and replace generic plastic sauce bottles with a high-end, modern materials and Visual.