Hannah Manley

With a passion for solving problems, I have honed the skill of user-centred design. I have greatly developed my research skills and pride myself in being able to efficiently solve problems with a combination of analytical investigation and creative exploration.

With aims of working in the medical design industry, I received special commendation for my work with the Design Council’s "Design for Care" in December 2016.

I am constantly looking to push myself to improve my skills, and love keeping busy with extracurricular competitions, events, and work. When I’m not at my desk, I love cooking, and breathing in that fresh air hiking and climbing. |

Stem Aid UK

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Start the stem cell revolution: Stem Aid UK, the kit and system designed for non-profit stem cell donation, brings women together to support each other’s donation process and celebrate the gift of life provided by something that women routinely dispose of each month.

It's a Me!

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It’s a Me! Interactive smart toy tracks your child’s day for the perfect bedtime story. Bluetooth, GPS, and motion trackers are combined in a cheeky little character that detects its friends, recognises your favourite locations, and rewards children with points for good behaviour and doing chores.