Harry Boyes

My purpose as a product designer is to create progressive, high quality products which will enhance the modern user’s quality of life. Embracing new developments in materials and processes whilst keeping the needs of consumers and the environment in mind, is the key to innovative products that make the world a better place. My strong work ethic, determination and solid design skills give me the power to solve a problem with a product. For me, it's about exploring how you can make the user experience better, formulating new ideas and a way of thinking which isn't confined to what's been achieved before.  |



With growing pressures in a modern environment, many young people are becoming more susceptible to anxious thoughts and panic attacks. Pebble has been designed to combat the different stages of a panic situation and makes the user feel more reassured. The design encompasses a two part system. During the attack, the Pebble product ensures the user’s mind is distracted from anxious thoughts, through sensory stimulation. Once the attack has passed, the user can interact with the Pebble App to further recognise their thoughts and triggers, to encourage more efficient self-management techniques through positive reinforcement. 



The Manta backpack utilises modularity to make adventure sports more personalised and accessible for people new to the outdoor environment. Having marshalled at numerous trail running events, I realised just how diverse and confusing it can be finding the right bag for the day ahead. The modular system encompasses a variety of zip connector pockets, ranging from compact hydration packs to larger day packs for bulkier items. This ensures an enjoyable and tailored user experience is attained in inclement conditions, promoting performance and comfort as key features within the design.