Hengxiang Wang

Design the best way to express my thought. Unique and creative design normally is attractive and outstanding, I love to study and analyse the design method behind those unique objects. The different combination of colour, material and graphics is an interesting area for me. I also had 5 years professional painting experience, that technical support me to express my idea more convincingly. My passion for furniture design because of my family. They are running a furniture company. I always walk around  the company and factory since I was a young age. Those furniture designs and manufacture processes inspired me a lot and directed this path for me. I enjoy when I am doing design, to explore different design methods and to create the best project for the people.



Mood Floor Lamp


The increased use of screens emitting their bright light, is blurring the distinction between work and leisure.This lamp can provide different types of colour to affect a consumer's mood and change the atmosphere in the room. People can feel more peaceful and calm in this environment. This mood lamp is designed for creating a peaceful and happy ambience within the room by a series of coloured light. It is able to placed in several different places and gain the best visual effect when set in a corner and against a wall. The light source can relax a user’s body and mind to relieve the stress from work or study, in addition, this lamp can become a decoration to embellish the interior environment. Three different material are contained in this mood floor lamp. The main material is plywood which can provide enough strength for the lamp and it is easy to mass-produce and manufacture.