Henry Barnes

I have always had an interest in design, and my passion to fulfil this interest has led me from a little kid playing with lego to a degree in design here at NTU.
I would say that the first two years of university were a huge learning curve and a big stepping stone from what I was capable of. I relied on my sketching abilities primarily but was able to develop my skills in graphics and CAD softwares to extend my knowledge. Partly due to the amount of work, I have also been able to create and apply my own design principles. If you like, add my own pinch of salt to the mix. This has enabled me to enjoy my years in becoming a designer. Overall this has broadened my abilities as a student designer and will be very useful for the future of my career in Product design. | Linkedin | Instagram



The Sommelier is designed to address oenology with this timeless corkscrew. It was created to encompass the experience of opening, pouring and drinking a bottle of wine. An integral part of the experience is how the wine is served. Temperature and humidity play a large part in this and storage and environment is key. Therefore why not include the experience to also opening the wine?

The Sommelier corkscrew was born. It provides not only an emotional connection to the consumer but with its hand-made and finished design, provides an excellent example of manufacturing and materials and shows off its Anglo-French heritage and design.  Created with the same level of care that the connoisseur has for his collection, it is a fitting tribute to the glorious world of wine.   



The Major project is said to be an integral part of the final year, a culmination of work over the three years of design. Nicknamed at the moment, “Kreative”, it is just that. The design and aesthetics are supposed to be an outright statement, a reflection on the designer's personality.

The purpose of Kreative is to enable the user to be more creative with their thinking. Perhaps, through its visual stimulants of bold and varying shapes. Also, physical stimulants with the interactive nature of the design and tactile stimulants from the finishes, textures materials used throughout. With this open brief the Kreative can be custom tailored to suit any situation. The large flowing curved structure is deigned to mimic the line of a horizon. The shapes attached to this can be customised to any application, whether that is a design studio requiring a breadth of shapes and materials or a corporate boardroom displaying their creative toy.