Hudson Archer

I’m an aspiring designer with an ability to project my thoughts and emotion through the design process in order to for fill the given brief. I also have a forever growing passion to connect a product with its user sentimentally, by conducting the design process from start to finish. By spending a lot of time in the workshop it has allowed me to create my own process of modelling in which I develop and prototype to produce the final outcome.



T: 07410290210



EP: Bedtime reading lamp

EP is a lamp designed specifically for bed time readers that struggle with the positioning of their light source. It features a unique slotting feature which allows the user to position the lamp in the desired position for a better reading experience, which is possible due to the bend in the neck and form of the shade.


V is a working desk design for young professionals who may live in a small flat or apartment and need to work from home. The idea is to create a causal work environment in the home and to rid the user of clutter providing excellent storage space.