Hudson Archer

I am a creative designer looking to pursue a career in the design industry. I like to take the organic approach to designing rather than a structured method, this is to minimize limitations from the process. University has helped me mould my creative skills into the style of designer that I am today. By using computer aided design alongside my sketching and testing the outcomes I reach are very organic and feasible. During my year in industry my role was a Print shop, Stock and Production Coordinator. This helped me become more organised and be able to manage my time and other peoples correctly.

hudsonarcher@hotmail.co.uk | 07412090210



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These unique crutches were designed to improve the standard of living for long term crutch users. They are a comfier and much easier to use version of the traditional NHS Cuffed Elbow Crutch. This is made possible by improving the standard of material used on all of the contact points of the crutch and improved suspension.



Groupo is a kitchen sink utensils holder that is designed to prevent the mess around the kitchen sink. As well as being a great way of preventing a build-up of clutter around the sink it has the ability to reduce the build-up of bacteria with the built in soap dispenser.