Isaac Hughes 

Every product designed is intended to be unobtrusive and understandable whilst displaying a beautiful organic form. I believe in pushing the boundaries of material use, attempting to manipulate materials in ways that promote a desirable aesthetic. The material focused design processes direct the outcome of the projects, with focus on a briefs requirements. My reasoning in design develops from my curiosity of everyday materials, both man-made and in nature around me, questioning how different materials can be used to achieve the purpose of the product. |

0.54, 0.66 & 2.15

The first product 0.54 is used as a universal bulb holder cover. The second product 0.66 is used as a space for throwing ones loose change into, as a paperweight or as a book end. The third product 2.15 aims to provide simpler living through having somewhere to throw ones keys, phone and loose change - it helps de-clutter the home.

Cotton Chair

The Cotton Chair is a stackable chair designed with cradle-to-cradle in mind. By combining a bio-resin with pulled and carded fibres, extracted from old fabrics, a composite material was created for use in the seating elements. With a simple wire frame supporting the new material, The Cotton Chair was born.