Isabel Skertchly-Murray

Design enables me to become a problem solver, transforming a concept from my imagination into a tangible reality. I appreciate how artistic skills and developing technology combine to create innovative products where the form enhances the function. A placement year designing and manufacturing bespoke disability equipment taught me the importance of designing inclusive products to improve the lives of others, and a passion for nature and the environment drives sustainability to the forefront of my designs. I enjoy questioning the world around me and take pride in designing exciting solutions in the most ethical way possible.





Preserve is a sustainable set of kitchenware which enables stress-free removal of fruit seeds, reducing time and mess for those who make jams and grow fruit. Different attachments cater to the user’s needs making. Preserve useful for a variety kitchen tasks and easily stackable for storage. Ergonomic wooden handles help those less-abled to grip and give the product a rustic feel.


Uplift adds a stylish aesthetic to functional mobility aids. The utilitarian medical appearance is replaced with colourful, tactile materials to promote individuality, offer choice and make aids enjoyable to use. This encourages use, decreasing the risk of a fall. A home is not a hospital but a place to enjoy where the support of assistive devices should be celebrated, not stigmatized. Uplift is as much a psychological aid as a physical one, designed to change the conversation surrounding aids and show that beauty is not hindered by disability.