Jack Butterworth

Coming from an art background, I was never really introduced to design until I had left school and worked as a design support apprentice. From there on in, my enthusiasm for design has rapidly increased to the point where it what I spend the majority of my day thinking about. My experience from employment and university has refined my attention to detail and appreciation for craftsmanship. In response to this My design style in minimalistic yet effective, as I operate an ethos from the words of Ludwig Van Der Rohe “less is more”. I don't believe that form over function is the answer to design, therefore I analyse briefs carefully to determine the appropriate driving force to achieve a most suitable solution |



Celebrating all things 1920s, Malone encapsulates elements of the American Prohibition era and modernises them to create this minimalistic storage range. This is achieved by featuring elements such as a gun blued steel trim, feathered shingle door fronts and veneered oak, in anticipation of the centennial anniversary of the era. From low sideboards to mid height cabinets, the range’s unobtrusive posture makes it an ideal addition for smaller environments.



Acknowledging the history of artificial lighting, Luceo’s form emulates a candle flame. The soft curves are designed to promote feelings of happiness and pleasure. Complete with a low energy filament style LED light bulb, Luceo provides excellent lighting with no compromise on efficiency. Available in polished copper or brass, with meticulously chosen colour options, Luceo glamourously suits any environment.