Jack Davies

I am a BSc Product Design Hons student at Nottingham Trent University, with a strong interest in mechanical design engineering. This is encouraged by my strong creative, yet logical mindset and desire to achieve innovation with a passion for new technologies.

I have a strong interest in 3D printing and additive manufacturing and I have a number of self built CNC machines which I use to prototype my designs.

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EMAIL: mail@jackdavies.co   |   WEB: jackdavies.co

Major Study Project:



The Electron Cycles V1 is a next generation electric bike, combining powerful electric assist to increase the range and speed of cycles journey as well as integrated smart features to make cycling a much more attractive transport option. 

The frame is comprised of an extruded aluminium profile, combined with additive manufactured connectors, enabling bikes to be economically produced in any geometry, completely tailored to the rider. The electronics are integrated inside the frame, resulting in a clean aesthetic and reducing the risk of theft of components. 

An OLED screen displays real time information to the rider, including speed and battery life, as well as location information. Vibration motors in the handlebars also provide turn by turn navigation signals, resulting in a much more simplified way-finding experience.

A smart lock is also integrated into the frame of the bike, combined with the charger for simple and secure operation. The bike can be unlocked using a fingerprint or also using a key. Failsafe systems ensure that the bike stays secure at all times.

The Electron Cycles V1 is a super powered bike, ready for the modern cyclist.

SAPA-HYDRO Aluminium Extrusion Project:

FDM 3D Printer Conveyer

Artboard 2 copy.png
Artboard 2.png

Designed for 3D print farms that have hundreds of printers in clusters to provide on demand manufacturing of parts, the system provides an automated method of part ejection and bed preperation, ready for continuous production. The mechanism is similar to the operation of a conveyer belt, resulting in the part being ‘pealed’ off the bed, which requires very little force to remove parts.

The product reduces the need for human interaction, to unload prints and clean the build surface. Improving efficiency and reliability. The modular design of the system allows it to be adapted to any size printer, simply by cutting the extrusion profile to the required length. An integrated DC motor and mechanism is easily interfaced to the existing printer electronics, reducing the need for any external control hardware.