Jack Delaney 

From a young age, I knew I needed to be creating. I grew up building towns, cars and anything I could imagine from Lego. Now, I find myself at the end of an amazing course at Nottingham Trent with a profound love for homewares, furniture and interior design. I would say my biggest, and most recent, source of inspiration has come from many recent trips to Scandinavia. For me it is the method to the lifestyle over there that catches my eye. It is something I want to constantly emulate and produce in the world around me and in my work. My time at Trent has been crucial to developing all the various skills required to make me a better designer and problem solver. Away from design, I try to spend as much time as I can travelling, staying active and socialising. | LinkedIn | Instagram

Lagom Kitchen Herb Planter 


Logam is a materials research driven project with the primary material being Concrete. The aim was to gain an understanding of the primary material. Not only within its physical properties, but also the visual ability to be matched with seemingly opposing materials, and wrapping them together in a neat homeware product. The project brings together Concrete, Cork, Leather and Brass in varying degrees of proportion into a Kitchen Herb Planter. The main basin is moulded from Concrete, and the grip base is the cork element. The finer details are brought to life through the Leather and the Brass. When fully packaged, Lagom comes with custom Seed Paper Strap attached to the Leather and clipped to the Brass Studs. Because of the Seed Paper, Lagom becomes a zero waste product with a fully recyclable packaging box and long-life materials. 

Night Notes Bedside Table


When looking into the various causes and effects of sleep struggles, it was very clear from an early stage that stress is the number one reason for those sleepless nights. We overthink, worry, list tomorrow’s jobs and even create as our mind wanders. Short term this is manageable, but it is common that people find themselves lying awake at night three to four times a week and the cycle can be difficult to break. The approach of this project has been to encourage people to de-clutter their mind at night by simply writing it all down. 

Aesthetically driven by mid-century furniture design, The Night Notes Table is an elegant and simplistic bedside table with an angular face and softly tapered legs displaying a clean and timeless profile. A hidden flatbed drawer pulls out triggering a motion sensor, dim ambient light allowing you to jot any late night notes down without disturbing your bedroom with an overpowering bright light. With an open storage space built in, you are able to keep the table top clear and free of clutter. Finally, the dark Melamine tone both contrasts the environmentally friendly Plywood frame and absorbs any natural light in the room.