Jack Johnson

As a designer I always aim to target issues affecting the general populous in everyday life. I aim to reimagine pre-existing processes to solve issues and to evoke thought through design by taking unorthodox approaches.

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T: 07952926408

W: www.jackdordesign.co.uk


With now over 4.5 Million Self Employed workers in the UK (Office for National Statistic, 2014), the tendency to work and relax in the same environment is high.
The Ombra light is a shadow caster derived directly from nature. Ombra will allow users to naturally relax in their own way. It infuses the intricacy provided by Mother Nature with the harmony between man and machine. Using the rapid prototyping ability of a 3D Pen and the precision of handcraft each bespoke pendant will cast its own unique shadow to create a new environment.

“Nature restores mental functioning in the same way that food and water restore bodies.” (Alters, 2013)

Moss Purification


Moss Purification by Jackdor is a natural solution for poor air quality in offices situated in cites with high levels of pollution such as Beijing. Through research it is revealed that Moss has the ability to remove carbon dioxide amongst other pollutants from the air whereas traditional air purifiers do not. Greenery and nature are also linked to increased productivity so introducing it into an office space seems beneficial in other ways.