Jack Turner

Design and creativity is where I get my kick. My days at University are spent between the design studio and the workshop, from the early hours until late at night. The motivation behind all my work is the moment I get to hold my creation, be it sitting on a chair I just made or trying on some safety glasses of my own design. I live to be hands on and I would like to say my attitude to all my work reflects that.


Greener on the other side

This staircase concept is not as much about its engineering but more about the materials it is made of. The concrete treads are infused with naturally scented oils and covered on one side in artificial grass. These features allow the staircase to not only take its user from floor to floor but offers an opportunity to sit down and relax. 


Oodway is a project inspired by the book Cradle to Cradle and sets out to prove the books point in the form of a ‘100% good’ piece of furniture. Oodway is made from locally sourced wood, sealed with natural beeswax, uses eco-friendly adhesives and allows for the growing of plants within its frame, giving something back to the environment.