Jack Wilson


I am a positive, creative, and enthusiastic individual. After designing and manufacturing bespoke equipment for people with a wide range of disabilities at a charity called Demand, my passion to elevate the lifestyles of others through design was reinforced. As a designer, I aim to re-invent current ways of doing things, in order to solve issues we face in day-to-day life, and to seamlessly blend design into a more efficient, sustainable future.


T: 07842638389

E: wilsonjds@hotmail.co.uk


Shower Jack

Every five minutes, the average power shower jets out 45 litres of water. As a result, excessive usage often goes unnoticed and the value of water diminishes. The Shower Jack enforces a behavioural change by taking the user back to basics with its pump action timer system while still incorporating a modern, sleek look. The Shower Jack could help reintroduce the value of water back into our homes.


The Triaxon is a biomimetics-inspired structure, which is comprised of the fusion of hexagons, triangles and spirals - three of the most successful shapes in nature in terms of strength-to-weight ratio, tessellation, and “cost”-efficiency, with regard to materials and effort. By simplifying patterns found in nature into a 2D setting, I then regenerated these shapes back into a new, 3D shape. After creating the Triaxon, I applied its features to a product that exploited its geometric properties, in this instance a Trivet. The trivet is able to transform into different arrangements to suit the user’s needs around the kitchen.