Jacob Tebbutt

Creativity and exploration is at the core of my design process. My philosophy within design is simple, I aim to solve problems as elegantly as possible. The ability to adapt to different styles of projects is something I believe should be within the foundations of any good designer or creative. The experience and breadth of projects I have been part of has helped me to develop this fundamental attribute. I am a creative, always willing to learn and expand my skills in all aspects of life. I'm looking forward to new projects in the future and the chance to gain more design experience.  

Cycling Safety Wristbands 

2017-04-05 06 copy.jpg

The wristbands are designed to make cyclists more visible when cycling in low light conditions. They are designed to work in conjunction with cycle schemes around the world, to make visitors safer and more aware of the rules of the road when visiting a new city.


The KickBrick is a modular shoe storage system that allows users to display their collection as they see fit. The KickBrick features a backlit panel that highlights the users shoes and creates a feature within any room.  Modularity and versatility allows for custom configurations to be easily created and expanded.