Jagpreet Bisla

I am an accomplished student who thrives on new challenges. My passion lays within the graphics as my strengths were built and realised in my placement year. My final year projects take steps away from the norm and have allowed my imaginative mind to dig deep in order to excel on creative solutions.

Experience in my placement at Skywide has taught me that dedication, organisation and self-discipline are key attributes that enhance my ability to undertake independent learning and keep on top of things. There is always something new to learn and every day is a progression from the last. |




N.O.S.S (No Ordinary Sneaker Store) introduces an exclusive consignment trainer store catering the needs of buyers/sellers of rare footwear.

The journey around the store is similar to that of a museum as the content value is high alongside the educational factor behind the trainers. Trainer display and trainer care are the two main focus points. This is in the form of a trainer capsule and trainer care kit.

The added feature of trainer laundry within the store provides a smart attraction which will benefit those who wish to maintain the value and presentation of their trainers.



Enlighten has been designed for stress relieving purposes within students and full time workers. The light itself emits a range of colours to suit ones mood alongside the added scent feature which diffuses aromas. The combination of the copper light and two port scent diffusion provides the perfect path to relaxation.