James Butterworth

I’m currently studying BA Product Design at Nottingham Trent University. Looking into the world, exploring problems and tackling them is something that drives me as a designer. An ability to have a true effect on people, and experiences they go through in day to day life.

As a designer I’m always up for a challenge, whether that be big or small. Being able to get stuck straight into a design brief at the start of a project for me is the most exciting part. Then step by step seeing a drawing on a piece of paper become a 3D concept at the end always gives me a great sense of achievement. But no matter how far I develop a design, I know it can always be improved - and that’s what I’m personally about, wanting to constantly develop, and better myself as a designer and a person overall. 

jabutterworth.design@gmail.com  | LinkedIn | Instagram

Waterstones Cultural Adventures


Long workdays and inflexible sleep patterns are now something of the past, through a future branding project aimed at Waterstones and tea before sleep. The concept is a subscription service that will allow users to get a good night’s sleep through the combination of both ‘tea and book’ therapy - an ability to disconnect from the real world of stress and building pressures.

Experiencing culture through tea and graphical journeys, allows individuals to escape from the world of mounting pressures and go to sleep on a clear mind. This project aims to encourage users to neglect connections to technology directly before sleep and allow people to undergo a more routinely wind down period. Thus, providing the perfect mindset for getting to sleep and feel refreshed in the morning ready to face another day. Whilst allowing consumers to regain control over lost sleep and recreate a healthier more balanced lifestyle. 

The Dog Layer Co.


As the rise in dogs who suffer from separation anxiety amongst others is increasingly growing in society,The Dog Layer Co. was created. A company based around supportive layers, aiming to build a strong collaboration between product and community to tackle this. The project focuses around providing three essentials; physical, emotional and social interaction when separated from your fluffy companion throughout the days, to raise them in the best possible way. 

Acupressure therapy is a key insight into the structure of the system, the ability for owners to interact and ‘virtually stroke’ their dogs when far away to assure them everything will be alright. With also the ability to transform their blanket into a poncho to ensure part of home is always with your dog when discovering new environments to make them feel safe, whilst having the supportive network of others who can help raise your dog with you.