James Ordsmith

I believe product design is all about solving everyday problems. I particularly admire minimal designs that effectively improve the consumers experience without the complication of unnecessary technology. University has given me the chance to design for a variety of different briefs, which have tested my abilities in a range of design areas. Alongside my studies here at NTU I run an independent clothing line specialising in screenprinted garments. This has allowed me to gain experience in creating a brand image and developing my designs into a final marketable product. Managing a business while at University has also taught me to manage my time effectively in order to meet deadlines.


E: jamesordsmith@hotmail.co.uk

W: www.manifestclothing.co.uk

Ascendant Light

Ascendant Light is a freestanding wall light, designed to light the corner of a room. The design features an ascending handle that allows the user to control the amount of light emitted. As the handle is lifted light is cast onto the wall in ascending order through the slits on the rear, while diffused light is cast into the room through frosted acrylic. Manufactured from oak and aluminium this stately corner lamp is designed to suit a modern contemporary home. 


“Clarity” is a brand of watches, aimed at those who suffer from numerical dyslexia (dyscalculia). The design features a rotating disc that allows the user to quickly identify the current hour. Displaying one hour at a time helps avoid confusion and speeds up the process of telling time for the user without bringing attention to their disability. The strap can be changed by unscrewing the branded panel on the rear of the watch allowing the potential for customisation.