James Payne

Wanting to broaden my knowledge and learn new things has helped me enjoy being a product designer. Having done a year in placement at DEMAND, a company that designs for disability, I have had experience in empathising with users and designing products that make a difference. I was involved in every step of the design process at DEMAND from meeting the client and doing the research to manufacturing the product in the workshop, I really enjoyed this aspect of the placement.
My Major Study Project was influenced through the placement work I did as well as giving myself new challenges such as working with electronics. The technological side of design is something I would like to learn more about.
In my free time I like to be creative such as designing my own 3D printer, making household items and having hot drinks with hot meals.


Major Study Project:



‘Dragonfly’ is an electronic, adrenaline activity for children aged between 7-16, who have cerebral palsy. This product is not only designed to excite, it is designed so that the child using the product has a sense of responsibility.

The adjustable components allow the product to grow with the child, saving money for the consumer and being better for the environment. A fully supported, adjustable seat means the child can be comfortable and safe, while enjoying themselves. Safety is increased with there being a detachable supervisor handle which can stop the motors when the supervisor wishes. The speed of the ‘Dragonfly’ kart can be modified by a control on the back. The seat can be raised and lowered electronically, meaning a standing transfer is possible for the child, to ease access in and out of the kart. The range of bright colour choice means the child can select which ‘Dragonfly’ they prefer and want to play with.


SAPA-HYDRO Aluminium Extrusion Project:

Security Post


The Security Post is a security system for a homeowner’s car. Not only does this post protect a car from being stolen it has additional features to stop it being touched at all. The aluminium extruded post allows for a camera, light, motion sensor and solar panel to be attached. The camera is a good deterrent to stop anyone from damaging the homeowner’s property as well as their car. The solar panel makes the feature wireless, meanwhile the
motion sensor limits the amount of energy used.

The owner of the Security Post simply stores the post away when not in use. When the post is needed the owner places the product into the drive and  uses a key to lock it into position. Using Aluminium extrusion for this product meant that it was light weight as well as having multiple slots for attachments to be adjustable.