James Sesin

As a designer I try to bring a blend of creativity with an appreciation of modern technologies and aesthetics to my work. I not only want to create great products but I hope to improve lives and make a difference to people in need. I have worked in different areas of design from bespoke car interior to furniture manufacturing, this has helped to me gain the required skillset to develop/build such things and gain valuable experience working to meet user specifications.


E: N0450464@ntu.ac.uk

Pebl Inhaler

My task was to redesign the inhaler to increase the quality of the product, to make it more sustainable and to further meet the lifestyle requirements of the user. My target market was young individuals starting secondary school the product should last until the user finished school. The finished product included; A more pocket friendly design, belt clip, digital dose indicator and finally with the inhaler came a fitted running armband to promote physical activity.


The psoriacare kit features two topical ointment applicators which are used to treat Psoriasis. The design of the devices is focused on making the application process of the ointment not only quicker but more accurate and efficient, leading to less waste product and money saved in the long run. The branding and aesthetics are deliberately less medical to aid the user to feel more confident to carry the items and possibly apply in public.