Jamie Walker

My design process more than not, revolves around a concept of what could be. I aim to design things with the future of living or interaction in-mind. Research being a huge part of my projects and the final products becoming encapsulations of the initial concept; functional, useable, whilst also aiming to deliver difference in product type, veering away from over-saturated areas. Aiming to design fresh product types, like domesticated insect breeding units for human food or a clothing rail which stores, dry’s and organises the users clothing.



SSRU is a self-sufficient, domestic rearing unit which breeds insects for edible food. An Arduino is used to create a micro-climate for the insects and to cool them humanely for consumption. This product is built around the growing need for alternative food sources, whilst still needing food to be affordable, abundant, nutritious and environmentally aware. 



Emp-Ti is a clothing storage system based on the Japanese concept of emptiness, it dry’s clothes through fan-assisted heating, whilst the form instructs the cycle of the clothing. Its utilitarian yet multi-functional purpose aims to condense the amount of products used within the cycle of dirty>clean clothing.

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