Jiawei Wu

Hi/Nihao, I don’t know where to start. I guess I will begin by talking about myself. I came to study in the UK at the age of 16 and that feels like yesterday, however I have learned so much. Now I shall step into the next chapter of my life - to become a designer. I enjoy design, I enjoy making my thought into a reality. I am an admirer of great designers, they are the ones making magic happen. I am wishing one day I could be one of them and I am eager to make a difference.



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Tripod is a contemporary cloth hanger. A project that aimed to bring cloth hangers into the present day and a design to suit our modern living in a minimalist style. Since the conventional cloth hanger is often too large for the modern living environment and lacks versatility. With this in mind, the tripod is a furniture accessory for every small and medium-size family. Its unique triangular shape makes it an easy fit in any space, even space behind the door. Compact yet capable. The warm material language of it enhances the feeling of a home. Finished in clear lacquer giving it the final touch with a proper protection and smooth surface.



FIN is a combination of chaise lounge and ground level sofa, covered by blush velvet. A contemporary and playful design that can be sat on in various manners. Also providing a welcoming and relaxing experience that defines home. FIN may not look complicated from the outside, but it was quite a challenging task in many aspects. In order to create its streamlined body, a significantly greater amount of work and cost had to be put into design and production. However, it is all worth it for this completed finale.