Joe McCusker-Bland

Through the different forms of Art & Design touched upon in my art foundation course, it was model making and exploring the capabilities of different materials that I enjoyed most. By applying my own creativity to design functional products, it gives great satisfaction and purpose to what I love doing.

I’d say I have a conscientious approach to design and a strong interest in the marketing aspects. This is due to my fascination of the relationships between consumers and products. I’m inspired by designs that evoke emotions.

The last four years at Nottingham Trent university and the internships at Ocee Design, Tom Dixon and Furniture Group Contracts, have been invaluable in my development as a designer.  |  Instagram  |  Linkedin



Pingvin are an exciting desk-space duo, designed to function as luxury desk-tidy products. Inspired by Alessi’s design philosophy, the imaginative aesthetics transform the simple desk-tidy functions into a product with a likeable personality. These stylish penguins can store loose stationary, hold keys and pin up important reminders with their magnetic 3D-printed beaks. The bodies are handcrafted out of oak on a lathe, and this achieves the perfect symmetry and the unique wood grain detail on the product. Simply designed, Pingvin make great companions for workspace environments.



Inspired by the growing parallel between home and office design, Dotti reception chairs introduce a friendly domestic feel into the contract market. Perfect for breakout spaces and upholstered with Camira Synergy fabrics, there is flexible choice of colour combinations. A special thanks to ‘Pressfab engineering ltd’, ‘Deebee foams ltd’ and ‘Ocee Design ltd’ for assisting with this project.