Joe Parker 

Originally from Oxford, I’ve always been involved in both art and design with the latter hugely influencing my outlook on life. Outside of studying I currently spend my spare time designing a range of furniture and homewares to be crafted in the UK in conjunction with the design brand I have founded, the Native Craft Collective.

A keen cyclist and motorsport enthusiast, if i’m not designing i’m often found sketching, making furniture and homewares in the workshop or planning my next cycling trip. To see more of my work check out my website. 

jnparker@hotmail.co.uk  | www.jnpdesigns.com | https://www.linkedin.com/in/jnparker/

Type S Chair 


As homes within densely populated cities become increasingly smaller, demand for space- conscious furniture solutions has increased. Inspired by Danish design the Type S chair is a high-end compact chair designed for everyday use where current folding chairs compromise on form and ergonomic comfort. 

Resin Desk Accessories 


A semi-exclusive range of desk accessories designed for the home or office desk space, the Resin Collection is a contemporary range of items designed to de-clutter and simplify the workspace whilst exploring the previously under-utilised application of resin casting and copper powders as a premium material.