Joe Wonham

My work aims to bridge the gap between order and chaos, using unpredictable and random materials and processes to control the forms that I make, while always having an underlying logic for all my decisions. I love the way that a single, random variable can alter a design in so many ways that wouldn’t have been possible to imagine using pen and paper. I think it is this that makes my designs fresh and original. I enjoy the new possibilities that technology gives us in the design process, I use algorithmic modelling aids to help to generate forms and I love the problem solving involved with the new challenges this brings. I use these tools while still maintaining a hands-on approach with materials and for me this is what sets my work apart.


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Strata is a set of pendant lights, each one algorithmically generated and assembled by hand from laser cut, corrugated cardboard. Every light is different and is suited to both domestic and commercial environments. Strata aims to increase the user’s interaction with the light. Each layer of cardboard is rotated slightly so that different lighting effects can be observed by moving around the light. This effect mimics large flocks of birds and the different intensities of light and dark this creates. The project also aims to allow each strata light to be designed by the user through a mobile or web app, where by controlling variables a user can create their own Strata Light and be included in the design process. It would also allow customisation of size and materials of the final product.