Jordan Ingledew

I have always had a passion for art which over time has progressed into an appreciation and love for design. Mixing the two is where I feel most comfortable, towing the line between creativity and functionality. I naturally lean towards designing products that are interactive as I want to see something being used and enjoyed which is clear to see in my projects. 

At this stage in my life I know there is a lot still to learn and I am always keen to do so, whether it be sketching in a studio or getting your hands dirty down in the workshop, constant improvement is always my main goal. |

Curve Table Range 

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Curve is a contemporary space saving table range presented in a choice of calming pastel colours for the modern living space. The table makes use of the unique angled corner system and chord, allowing the user to hang it flat as a conversational piece, or bring it to shape as a useful range of tables. The table sizes can be cut to the consumers’ needs making the system almost fully bespoke and ready to suit any situation.



With a recent revival in brutalist architecture COnK aimed to use materials and a style that reflected this. Through the use of a hand-crafted tool, the ability to crack away the reinforced concrete to reveal the light provides an intimate and connected experience with the product. The use of cork and a bulb with a warm glow provides a softness to the design that would otherwise be lost, making it a great feature for the home.