Joseph Baxter

I am an honest and highly motivated person. I pride myself on my ability to approach all projects with an open mind with a drive to design objects that embody both beautiful form and user-centred function. I enjoy exploring geometric forms with manufacturing in mind, while maintaining unique and well-proportioned design. I completed my placement year at Solid Solutions UK where I became extremely efficient with most CAD software and a certified expert in Solidworks.

Despite my CAD background I’m hoping to move into a smaller and more creative design firm where I can really challenge myself and get my hands dirty.

Outside of education I enjoy tinkering with my 1988 Austin mini and travelling whenever possible. |



Designed for indoor/office spaces with low levels of sunlight. The Nova helps to reduce the effects of SAD through the simulation of fluttering light found in natural vistas. The Nova uses a programable LED matrix to project varying light pulses through a diffusion plate, providing atmospheric stimulus.



ForgetMeNot is a message recorder for the elderly. It allows the Elderly to record messages in locations that mean something to them, sharing their 'Un-Heard' voices. These messages are locked in that location using geo-tagging technology. Friends and family have access to these messages but must first visit those places where messages have been left in order to unlock, and listen to the them. Experiencing and reliving forgotten moments.