Josh Sharpe


Discovering new answers to old questions and new solutions to old problems is why I design. In science there are right or wrong answers but in our field of work, the amount of potential outcomes are limitless. The only barriers to what is produced are the ones set in our heads and our imagination.

Personally, I have specialised in CAD. It brings my work to life and best explains to others what is happening in my head. There are other ways to get ideas across, but I find that none are as polished or complete as high-quality renders or animations.


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This project centred around the ever changing needs of people in a time where technology is fast evolving. Products are made to ease peoples’ lives and a portable solution to printing was the problem I chose to address. The final outcome is completely unique to anything else on the market and offers a beautiful solution to a common problem.

Medical Eating Aid

Talking with industry experts, it was clear that existing tables in residential homes did not fulfil their primary requirement of being adjustable. With six movable joints, it is possible to lock this table into a vast amount of positions suitable for any environment or scenario. The underside is padded with a leather coating to offer use as a bed restraint to prevent patients falling out.